Hiya, I'm Pretz!

I enjoy making software projects to solve real problems.

This site is still under construction, so some parts are missing, have stand-in information, or simply don't look very good. You can see my progress in the GitHub repository.

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Here are a few of my favorite projects I've worked on. See the projects page for more information on these and other projects I've worked on.

Camp Tomahawk


A website to both market Camp Tomahawk and distribute information to participants. After finishing the website, even without advertising or posting that the website was remade, Camp Tomahawk saw a sizable increase in users of the site and decrease in questions where the answer could be found on the site. For stats, check out the Camp Tomahawk entry of the projects page


CampTomahawk.org is built on the DNN content management system to allow the camp to manage their website without needing to work with HTML. It uses EasyDNNNews to manage the articles and has several display modules written with Bootstrap to display the articles.

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Memento Refresh

An AddOn for the Elder Scrolls Online | GitHub Repository

An Open-Source AddOn for the Elder Scrolls Online to provide an easy way for players to automatically reuse collectibles with a cosmetic effect when they expire. Memento Refresh has had over 4,000 users up to this point.


Memento Refresh is written in Lua and uses the Elder Scrolls Online AddOn API.

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Vehicle Maintenance Tracker

An Android Application | GitHub Repository

An Open-Source Android Application to track vehicle maintenance. It utilizes a database (with full CRUD abilities) to track the vehicles and issues of those vehicles. With a few minor tweaks, this codebase could be made into a general issue (bug) tracker or support ticket manager.


This project was built in Android Studio using Java and uses an SQLite Database to track the vehicles, issues, and logs.

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If you'd like to get in touch, please do not hesitate to reach out at pretz333@gmail.com.

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