Past Projects

These are some of the software projects I've worked on in the past. I've split them into sections based on what they are, a; website, mobile application, desktop application, or game mod/AddOn.

Most of these were made as the sole developer, though a few were made in small teams. Projects were I was not the sole developer call out this fact in their description.


Camp Tomahawk


A website to both market Camp Tomahawk and distribute information to participants. After finishing the website, even without advertising or posting that the website was remade, Camp Tomahawk saw:

  • A 35% decrease in "easy questions" in phone calls and emails, such as "What is your address?" or "Where can I find the health form?"
  • A 50% increase in impressions (5000) from search results
  • A 20% increase in clicks from search results
  • An 85% increase in the number of views of pages
  • A 101% increase in sessions on the website
  • An 8.2% decrease in bounce rate

Technologies is built on the DNN content management system to allow the camp to manage their website without needing to work with HTML (or me). It uses EasyDNNNews to manage the articles and has several display modules written with Bootstrap to display the articles.

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Join Cubs


A fully responsive (up to 280px in width) website to market Scouting (specifically Cub Scouting) for Northern Star Scouting, a Scouting council in the MN/WI area.

Technologies is written in HTML and CSS and uses Bootstrap. It has a (private, per the business' request) GitHub repository connected to Cloudflare Pages to be displayed.

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Mobile Apps

Vehicle Maintenance Tracker

An Android Application | GitHub Repository

An Open-Source Android Application to track vehicle maintenance. It utilizes a database (with full CRUD abilities) to track the vehicles and issues of those vehicles. With a few minor tweaks, this codebase could be made into a general issue (bug) tracker or support ticket manager.


This project was built in Android Studio using Java and uses an SQLite Database to track the vehicles, issues, and logs.

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Desktop Applications


A Windows Application | GitHub Repository

An Open-Source Windows Form Application to track inventory of items in multiple locations in a way that requires a minimal amount of effort from the user. When making a brand-new installation, a user must:

  1. Launch the application
  2. Put in categories of items, such as "Cleaning Supplies" and "Climbing Gear".
  3. Put in locations that store items, such as "Upstairs Closet" and "Storage Room"
  4. Put in what categories of items each location stores. For example, I could say the Upstairs Closet stores Cleaning Supplies while the Storage Room has all categories of items.
  5. Add items and put them into categories, such as "Dish Soap, Cleaning Item"

From there, the application will store everything in a database locally on the computer. Users can print off reports to give to employees to go and inventory each location. The user can enter the results into the application where they will be stored.


This project was built in Visual Studio as a Windows Form Application. It is written in Visual Basic and uses SQL to query the included SQLite database.

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Memento Refresh

An AddOn for the Elder Scrolls Online | GitHub Repository

An Open-Source AddOn for the Elder Scrolls Online to provide an easy way for players to automatically reuse collectibles with a cosmetic effect when they expire. Memento Refresh has had over 4,000 users up to this point.


Memento Refresh is written in Lua and uses the Elder Scrolls Online AddOn API.

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